HP Advanced Spec Ski

The HP advanced is the fastest most responsive ski we have made to date. The bullet nose has dropped water displacement and wind resistance while the new more aggressive seating design allows for better leg drive and catch while being easier to jump start and holding less water

M5 Spec Ski

The M5 is the perfect mix of speed and stability. Featuring a flatter hull through the mid section for increased stability in messy conditions and the head turning cut outs in the nose that decrease water displacement allowing for high speed paddling. The M5 also can come with your choice of fixed leg length or adjustable.

Charger Double Ski

The only double ski on the market with fully adjustable footrests. This allows for a decrease in water held in the footwells meaning a lighter fast ski. Chargers customized venturis also ensure any water that does get in is soon sucked out.

Meek Paddles

Charger Surf Craft is proud to be a supplier of Australia's premium paddles. Meek paddles are created using patented technology with unidirectional carbon fiber sheets that make them not only markedly stronger than any competitor but also lighter and stiffer giving you the edge over your competitors or the durability required for a beginner paddler 

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